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Other chess collectors pages:
GSM Germany, chess collectors group
Riccardo Andreis Italy, catalogs of chess stamps, show his best items in his collection and postmarks from Italy, phonecards
Jaques Foissotte France, Chess stamp catalogue, also autographs
Colin Rose

A chess stamp catalog that is organized according to date, country, and theme

Chess Hero Austria, also sites with carsds, stamps and other stuff
Russel Ott USA, chess stamps, stationary and covers
 Jon Edwards USA, multifaceted chess site
Vladislav Amigood Russia, Exhibition of Russian chess items
Alberto Cabral de Mello Borges Brazil, show his chess stamp collection
Eddy Bruns Belgium, "Vlaamse Schaak-Philatelisten" chess stamps and postmarks of Belgium
Conrad Goodman USA, onlinecatalogue with estimated prices
Steve Trussel USA, early chess stamps issues
Herrgottskind (Gerhard) Italy, stamps and covers collector
Aare Sepp Estonia, chesscollector
D. und M. Kopec Poland, interesting collectorspage in three languages
Fabio Coracini Ollita Brazil, chess stamps